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Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)


February 22: Preparing images for your website- List of resources


March 9: Goals: Mind Movie, Vision Board, Tangible items, Goal Cards, Home screen image, Recording of your own voices/interview by Oprah

February 26: Helpful tools–

February 10: Blogging for your business


June 24: Elevator Pitch- John Odalen

An elevator pitch or speech is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition. (Wikipedia)

Short: Between 30 and 60 seconds—with the length depends on the setting.
Interesting: Purpose is to spark interest which leads to a deeper conversation. Think of it like dating. Create an attention getting hook. Or engage with a question.
Informative:Include the following information:
Define who you (Name, Title, Business Name)
Describe what you do (One or two sentence summary if your title is not self-explanatory)
Explain what is unique and different about your business (USP)
Identify your ideal clients/customers
What you can do for your audience i.e. how can you help them
State what you want to happen next / Make a request / Make an offer
Repeat who you (Name, Title, Business Name)
Consider your audience!
Tailor your USP / ideal client / offers based on audience (demographic, professions) New audience or familiar faces – say something fresh to those that know you
Do NOT include the following information:
Your background or work history
Every detail about your business or service–save something for the one-on-one.
Reality Check!
If you speak too long, people will zone out and/or get annoyed.
The longer the elevator pitches take, the less time for informal networking.
If someone is interested in talking to you one-on-one, they will decide that pretty quickly.
If you leave the audience wanting more, they will seek you out. Practice, practice, practice: 30/60 seconds goes by very quickly